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El Primero Paso

Hay épocas y épocas. A veces se puede sentir que el mundo está cambiando o, por lo menos, que hay que cambiar.   Cuando tenemos una serie de crises tan fuertes como rompientes reformando la costa es extraño que los líderes … Continue reading

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Practical Plants

We’re launching a brand new wiki-website today, the 4th of August 2012, Practical Plants.  This is a project we have been working on (in between gardening and building) quite a lot since January; it’s been a lot of hard work … Continue reading

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Hügelkultur: High Beds

Hügelkultur, a German concept, translates as ‘hill culture’.  Simply put, it means burying lots of wood under soil and then planting into it.  Sepp Holzer, the Swiss permaculturalist, broadly popularised it and some american enthusiasts have gone some lengths to … Continue reading

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