One Year!

Exactly one year ago today we woke up for the first time on our land, having slept on a rickety broken metal sofa frame in our damp, muddy ‘house’.  In that year we’ve built rooms with doors, white-washed the walls with lime, brought running water into the house and have made a semblance of a comfortable cottage home.  Much remains to do.  We have cleared most of the land so that you can walk from one area to another, established a large garden, and brought bees to the land.  We have courgettes, tomatoes and sweet corn a plenty: vegetables common and rare.  We have a barrel of honey, a growing jar pile of jams (tangy plum, astringent sloe, blackberry, and more to come).  We have aging bottles of sloe gin and mead to come. We have learned how to fell trees, build walls, keep bees, point up, and garden as well as hone burgeoning carpentry skills.  And we have also built on open wiki-base for plants, Practical Plants.   This may sound like a list full of pride, and in honesty it is; we are content.  This has been the richest and happiest year of both of our lives.    We send out our thanks to everyone who has helped us build this year; there have been so many of you!

Exactly one year on, we’re still bristling with ambition.  Ultimately we do not want just a self-sufficient life on our own.  We aim to build a village: a community of friends to share the joys of building a natural and sustainable life withand an eco-socialist village to build local alternatives as part of a wider political movement.  As our initial sources of income have faded we are working on alternative plans to keep money coming in for this project.  We are excited to begin the second year of our project, today.

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8 Responses to One Year!

  1. Paul Gibbons says:

    Congrats, Paris

    One year on, I continue to follow your amazing progress.

  2. Giovanna says:

    WOW. Your garden look just amazing. So proud of you – mind you: I knew you were going to succed, given your determination. Glad to hear that you and Andru are still happy together.
    We must hope that the rest of the world stops “going to the right”..

    Ciao Giovanna

  3. Jan says:

    Hi sweetie,

    Happy anniversary – looks all beautifully lush. But where are the potato fields? No self-distilled vodka? You’ll never get me down there this way!


  4. Richard Brown says:

    Well done guys, I just love it, hope fully get to see you both soon…

  5. faye Vallance says:

    Well, what can I say? It’s amazing what you’ve achieved in just one year, I can’t wait to see what it’s like in another years time! Well done & I’m so proud of you little bruv xxx

  6. Paul Gibbons says:

    Okay, where are the updates?

    You don’t want us worrying that you have fallen down the compost toilet and no-one knew for months

    • Paris says:

      Fortunately our compost is composting and we are not. We have composed a new update, though it’s true we’ve decided to slow down on the updates after the first year.